The Ballet Society Hannover e.V. has been organising this unique European contest for choreographers for the past 34 years. Over this long period, the event has achieved a prominent position in the national and International dance scene. Testament to the importance of this event in the International dance-scene is not only the renowned jury, but also the fact, that every year approximately 300 choreographers from more than 50 nations apply. 

It is the goal of this International contest to provide a platform for young choreography talents to flourish. There are many dance competitions around, but only very few worldwide platforms, where new choreography talent is given an opportunity, to be noticed. The competition enables young choreographers to present themselves to a renowned expert jury and to experience the advantages of professional stage technology. It also provides them with the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and the audience.

National and international Cooperation

In order to boost the chances of the award winning choreographers further, Ballet Society Hannover e.V. enters into partnerships with ensembles and institutions of the national and International dance scene. Appearances with these cooperation partners will allow the participating choreographers to increase their name recognition significantly.

TWOOLS INTERNATIONAL, International dance festival of the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. 

Since 2005 Ed Wubbe, the artistic director of the competition, awards the Scapino production award. The award includes the development of an unique choreography with dancers from Scapino Ballet and the presentation in the series TWOOLS.



Staatstheater Braunschweig




Gauthier Dance // Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart

In 2014 Eric Gauthier offered for the first time the Production Award Gauthier Dance Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Gauthier Dance was founded in 2007. Eric Gauthier has been awarded the German Dance Prize »Future« 2011 for choreography


The Bundesjugendballett was founded by John Neumeier in2011. Since 2012 the Bundesjugendballettalso sponsors a production award. Part of the award is the development of a choreography with the Bundesjugendballett.